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This whole situation with Al Bann has gotten me thinking about women’s soccer in the US.

It’s pretty obvious that the players themselves are not lacking in ability or underperforming in a way that would cause them to go unnoticed. They’re rather consistently the best in the world. I think the problem comes down to the fans. It’s like the sport can’t be taken seriously until the fan base can be taken seriously. And right now, it can’t be. The team has a huge following, yes, but a good percentage of those fans aren’t fans of the sport itself, but fans of the team. Fans of the players, fans of the friendships, fans of the celebrity status. And I’m not knocking those fans, because I’m a fan of all of those aspects as well. But at the end of the day, the team is going to change, the players will be replaced, and all that will remain constant is the sport. Women’s soccer. So be a fan of the game. Support women’s soccer for the love of the sport, and be glad that the love of these amazing players comes as an added bonus. 

tl;dr - while it’s completely fine to be a fangirl (i’m one too), try to remember why we’re all really here (it rhymes with locker…or sootball)

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